Tailor Made

Tailor Made

The story of MAZA started in 2014. It began with a dream to bring the ongoing trends closer to the canine world. Our biggest accomplishment would be to dress every dog in the World, but a more modest one is to make clothes for dogs all sizes. We custom make the patterns for your pets clothes, from the measurements you send us.

Our clothes are made to fit all shapes and sizes.

tailor made maza dogwear
tailor made maza dogwear-1
tailor made maza dogwear
tailor made maza dogwear

Every MAZA garment is made with a lot of love. We go through every detail with the customer before we start making your unique piece of clothing.

Details put on each individual piece are unique and reflect the special bond between the owner and their dog.

The process of making your dogs personalized item, starts with the measuring:

maza dogwear measurements

After you send us the measures of your dog,  we move on to designing. MAZA’s designer works with you to think up the perfect design. There is a vast variety of materials, colors, details you can choose from. But don’t worry, you will have assistance throughout the entire process.

A good start would be to express us your ideas and wishes in the initial e-mail, just to get a sense what your preferences are.

We are looking forward to being your dogs personal tailors.

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