About Us

About Us

MAZA is a clothing brand that allows the canine kind to meet the newest trends.

In our world, a dog is so much more than a pet. A dog is a best friend, a member of the family and a living, breathing reminder that this world is truly wonderful place. That is why our main objective is and has always been to provide the best apparel products for dogs of all sizes.

When it comes to standards, we make style, quality and function the hallmarks of our work. We choose only on-trend colors and hand pick each fabric because we’re passionate about providing premium, well-made products. We truly feel it is our responsibility to clothe your dog in comfort with effortless style and poise.

Every piece of clothing is tailor made, hand crafted and approved by MAZA’s eternal inspiration source, pug Maza.

MAZA was founded by Milica Savić, inspired by both fashion and the love for animals , with a goal to create modern pieces focused on quality and fabrics that are timeless.

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